Ask Dr. Johnson Topic Of The Day: Essure

A good friend of mine asked my personal opinion about Essure (the permanent sterilization option). There are many women’s blogs that are aimed to condemn the product. I never comment bc I don’t feel like the drama. Since I have my own blog now, I can voice my opinion. This was my response.

My personal opinion about Essure is positive. It is an effective, minimally invasive option for permanent sterilization. It is an in-office procedure. In my experience, I have put it in a lot of women and have had good success. I PERSONALLY have not experienced any complications. I HAVE however experienced patients that have complained of pain from other providers putting them in. I have even had to perform surgery on some of these patients. If you read some of the Essure chat groups, you will read about women who have had horrible experiences. I object to a lot of the stuff said on them because there are women on there that have complaints that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Essure.

So to sum up my answer,
Do I recommend Essure? Yes
Do I believe it can cause complications? Yes. But I don’t believe that it is as abundant as some of these women believe. I think bad outcomes happen to women in the small minority. And most women have good outcomes.
Other options? Paragard IUD is a 10 year IUD that is often overlooked. You would only need 2 of these for the rest of your life and it is just as effective as Essure. Side effect and risks are minimal. Not much difference than the Mirena you had before except no hormones. Laparoscopic tubal ligation is also an option. The risk lie with the surgery itself (which are minimal). However, there are no blogs of women groups about this method. No long-term issues. Last but not least, vasectomy 😳😳😳👀. I will let you work that out😂. Hope this helps!

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