Ask Dr. Johnson Topic Of The Day: Pap Smear

This is a topic that I’m sure will spark some interesting questions that I will have to give some detailed answers to, so I will not bombard you all with a ton of info initially.

I will say that cervical Cancer cases are Extremely rare for women that get yearly exams and take their health (appointments) seriously. Pap smears are a must, but unfortunately, they are the very reason why many women choose not to go to the Gynecologist. Did you know that yearly pap smears are not the standard of care anymore (when they are normal). For women ages 21-30 the standard for pap smears now is every 3 years. For women ages 30-65 it is every 5 years with negative contesting (negative test for high-risk HPV). Obviously, these rules have many nuances and caveats depending on the results of your exams. But it is much better to know than not know. I open the floor to questions.

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