Ask Dr. Johnson Topic Of The Day: Term Pregnancy

Everyone knows that normal pregnancy lasts “9 months.” (BTW 9 COMPLETED months, meaning 40 weeks). What are the risk when the pregnancy lasts longer than 40 weeks?

Late Term Pregnancy is defined as one that has reached between 41 0/7 weeks to 41 6/7 weeks. Post Term pregnancy is one that has reached or extended beyond 42 0/7 weeks.
——–Risk factors for experiencing these are 1st pregnancy, previous post-term pregnancy, carrying a male fetus, and obesity (of the patient)

****Late Term and Post Term pregnancies are associated with increased risk of infant death and complications

**** Induction of labor no later than 42 0/7 weeks and by 42 6/7 weeks of pregnancy is STRONGLY recommended due to the overwhelming evidence of increased infant death and complications.

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