Ask Dr. Johnson Topic Of The Week: Elective C-section

Most people don’t realize it, but it is a woman’s right to choose how she wants to deliver her baby. Although not a very popular choice, any woman can opt to have an elective c-section over vaginal delivery (no less than 39 weeks, without complication).

Benefits of elective c-section include a decreased risk of postpartum hemorrhage and transfusion
fewer surgical complications a decrease in urinary incontinence during the first year after delivery.

Benefits of vaginal delivery include a shorter maternal length of hospital stay, lower infection rates,
fewer anesthetic complications, and higher breastfeeding initiation rates.

The recommended method of delivery is always vaginal delivery.

However it is important for women to know that they have options.


Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy is STRONGLY encouraged!

Typically women who exercise routinely during pregnacy, experience less complications and generally have easier labors. There are women that have run marathons full term! The only restrictions are trauma to the abdomen (contact sports), abdominal exercises (crunches,Etc), and scuba diving. Other than that, I encourage pregnant patients of all gestational ages to exercise. Only caveat is to listen to your body, DO NOT OVER EXERT YOURSELF. Don’t push through any pain or discomfort, if your body says stop then stop.

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