Ask Dr. Johnson Topic Of The Day: Permanent Sterilization

I am predicting that this topic will generate a ton of questions so I will not bog you down with a ton of details up front. I will give detailed answers to questions which will give the vital information needed on this topic.

I have two types of patients that I see very frequently. Let me give you examples

1st. patient. 30 y/o female with 3 children (6 weeks after delivery of her last child), comes in to see me and is adamant about permanent sterilization.

2nd patient 34 y/o female with 3 children who underwent laparoscopic tubal ligation (“got her tubes tied”) at the age of 30. Comes to me because her “new husband” doesn’t have kids and really wants them.

For both of these patients and anybody else reading my tips KNOW YOUR OPTIONS! For women <30 y/o the risk of regret after permanent sterilization is 20.3% For women > 30y/o the risk of regret is 5.9%.
I ask every one of my patients that inquire about “getting your tubes tied”….. “What if you win the lottery and meet the man of your dreams in 5 years, will you want more children?” or heaven forbid, “What if all your kids die is a car accident, would you be comfortable with living with no children for the rest of your life?” If there is any hesitation to answering those questions, I open the dialogue about long-term REVERSIBLE options for contraception.

I have yapped enough, now I will open it up for the question

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