Ask Dr. Johnson Topic Of The Day: To Douche or Not To Douche

I often have this conversation with patients all the time and it is a very hard concept for most women to grasp—– DO NOT DOUCHE!

There are many women that believe that by washing the vagina, that they are washing away all of the “impurities.” This thought process couldn’t be farther from the truth. The vagina has normal flora (bacterium) that keep the environment at a regulated pH balance to keep unwanted bacterium from “taking over.” This goes for all women! The vagina is filled with bacteria, and this is normal. Thus, the “good bacteria” protect women. When you wash away the normal flora you change the pH within the vagina which enables the “bad bacterium” to take over (infection). For women that douche to “get rid of the smell,” you are actually making it worse! This same concept also applies to women that wash deeper with wash rags.
Just understand that the body typically regulates itself. Altering the normal physiology, sets you up for issues.

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